The Texas Tour

The Texas Tour is a virtual presentation that provides an overview of Indivisible TX Lege and presents information about how the Texas Legislature works. Originally presented as in-person events given to groups around the state (thus “tour” in the name), this has evolved to being a virtual event. The recording below is from the December 12, 2020 presentation.

This is broken up into four parts so you can watch as much or as little as you like in one sitting.


Presenter: Antoinette Perez
Time: 4.25 minutes

The Essential TX Lege

Presenter: Marieke Lahey
Time: 10.45 minutes

The Texas Budget

Presenter: Alexander Montalvo
Time: 15:00 minutes

Local Office Visits

Presenter: Sharon Kremer (cameo by Marieke Lahey)
Time: 7:20 minutes

House Witness Registration

“House Witness Registration is the quick and simple new way to register for an upcoming House Committee hearing. House Administration has made the witness registration paperless. Now, you can complete the new 5-step registration process when you arrive the Texas Capitol by using one of the touch screen kiosk stations located in the Capitol Extension. You can choose to save your profile information to use for future hearings. ”  More here.