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The Texas Observer
The Texas Signal
The Texas Tribune
Texas Tribune Texas Legislature 2021"...we focus on what Texans need to know about the biennial legislative session."
Reform Austin News
Listen online, via your local NPR affiliate, listen as a podcast: The Texas Standard, M-F.
The Texas Standard
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Party Politics Podcast"Overwhelmed by the political news cycle every week? We get it — that’s why we’re ‘keeping the fun but losing all the drama’ of politics! Party Politics podcast is hosted by Brandon Rottinghaus and Jeronimo Cortina, two smart and sassy University of Houston political science professors, who deliver a friendly, funny, and casually informative recap of the week’s biggest political news stories. "
Petrie Dish"A weekly explainer on the coronavirus and its ripple effects with science journalist Bonnie Petrie from Texas Public Radio."
The top ten largest papers in our state often create special issues during the crazy calendar that is our Texas Legislative Session.
The Dallas Morning NewsCirculation: 413,480
The Houston ChronicleCirculation: 370,961
The Fort Worth Star TelegramCirculation: 173,833
San Antonio Express-NewsCirculation: 146,463
Auston American StatesmanCirculation: 132,873
El Paso TimesCirculation: 65,002
Corpus Christi Caller TimesCirculation: 41,195
The MonitorCirculation: 39,467