The Indivisible TX Lege LGBTQIA+ Huddle works to defend LGBTQIA+ Texans from legislation that would harm them, and support legislation that would advance the freedoms of the community. We accomplish this by:

  • Monitoring bills as they’re filed and assigned to committees
  • Working closely with legislators who have authored pro-LGBTQIA+ legislation
  • Collaborating with allied organizations who focus on the same issue area
  • Collaborating with other Huddles as our issue areas intersect through various bills
  • Creating and executing calls to action in which Texans can make calls or send emails to legislators opposing or supporting bills as they move through the legislative process
  • Educating Texans on how various bills affect the LGBTQIA+ community and how to get involved

Priorities for the 2021 Legislative Session

Though Texas as a whole is steadily changing, the composition of the legislature guarantees that our first priority as a huddle must be defending the LGBTQIA+ community from discriminatory legislation. This session we expect attacks on transgender youth and their parents. We cannot and will not allow such attacks to become law.

Second to defense, we’re prioritizing pushing high-impact, pro-LGBTQIA+ bills as far as possible through the legislative process. Issues include but are not limited to: comprehensive nondiscrimination protections, ending harmful conversion therapy practices, banning the gay/trans panic defense, streamlining the name/gender change documentation process for transgender Texans, and stopping non-consensual surgeries on intersex infants.

This huddle strongly believes in the power of storytelling to create change under the granite dome. No matter how you identify, you have the power to change hearts and minds in favor of LGBTQIA+ Texans. We hope you’ll join us.

Allied Advocacy Groups