2019 TX Lege Achievements

As facilitated by our state organizer, in the 86th Legislature we joined efforts of the Texas Civil Rights Project and MOVE Texas to successfully block David Whitley, who attempted to purge Texas voters from the rolls, from becoming Secretary of State. For more information on this issue, see SB9 another desperate attempt at voter suppression in Texas and Texas Secretary of State David Whitley departs as legislative session ends.

Current Projects

Our two biggest projects right now pertain to the redistricting hearings that are taking place across Texas, and, flipping the Texas House.

Concerning redistricting, we have been grateful to work with Stephanie Swanson of Fair Maps Texas and League of Women Voters of Texas and Joaquin Gonzales of Texas Civil Rights Project. They have been leading workshops to prepare individuals to give testimony at the ongoing public input hearings being led by the Redistricting Committee (Fair Maps Texas Announcements). A tentative schedule is available that can be compared with the Redistricting Committee final schedule.

Flipping the Texas House is of fundamental importance because whoever wins the House will be draw the new districts that we will use for the next ten years. In order to do this, we only need to win nine more seats, so it is eminently doable. We will do everything we can, from donating, knocking on doors, phone banking, texting, and registering voters, to help push these races past the finish line.