Forge individual skills, talents and ideas into powerful advocacy and action efforts to hold Texas legislators and candidates accountable to their constituents; to protect and extend our most potent tools of Democracy: Voting Rights, Elections and Redistricting. 

Operational Plans

Here is detail about when, by whom, and how activities can best accomplish our mission in the short-term during the 2021 session and in the long-term pertaining to the electoral process.

  • Establish Huddle leadership and member roles. 
  • Setup and maintain Huddle infrastructure (information, data, communications, networks).
  • Organize based on research function (bill prioritizing, bill status tracking, key legislator monitoring).
  • Organize based around the communications function (implementing legislator contact, relationships and accountability via the comms function).
  • Collaborate with allied organizations.
  • Monitor needs testimony and other action before the Legislature.
  • Provide access to training and other information to prepare Huddle members to take action.

Strategic Plans

Detail about how and by whom we can best accomplish our long-term mission pertaining to the electoral process and supporting or opposing incumbents and candidates based on their voting and other public records.

  • Organize based on research function (develop and maintain an incumbent voting history record). 
  • Organize based around the communications function (communicate information to all stakeholders about incumbent voting records).
  • Collaborate with allied organizations.

Voter Empowerment Issues Focus

  • Remove barriers to voter registration.
  • Instituting same-day and online voter registration.
  • Remove barriers to access to the polls.
  • Making ballot by mail a “no excuse” right. 
  • Establish vote by mail as a lifetime status once qualified by age.
  • Remove barriers to direct access to elected officials.
  • Institute equitable redistricting that also eliminates gerrymandering.
  • Promote full transparency of all the Legislature’s activities taking advantage of technology for virtual observation of the legislative sessions, committee meetings and public testimony, especially to remove barriers to the disability community’s full participation.
  • Allow all voters registered in the state to cast limited ballots at any poll throughout the election, including election day.
  • Special session for redistricting to avoid the Legislative Redistricting Board.
  • Counter the power of money in politics.

Must Watch Bills – 87th Lege – Regular Session

Because Republicans control the governorship and both houses of the Texas legislature, the Democracy huddle’s must-watch bills list, at least initially, is biased to bills filed by Republicans. The following are those bills:

House Chamber

HB22 – Relating to accommodating a voter unable to enter a polling place.

HB25 – Relating to a prohibition on the distribution of an application form for an early voting ballot.

HB61 – Relating to the signature required on an application for voter registration or for a ballot to be voted by mail.

HB63 – Relating to the composition of districts for the election of members of the Texas House of Representatives.

HB64 – Relating to the composition of districts for the election of members of the State Board of Education.

HB329 – Relating to election integrity.

HB339 – Relating to the composition of the court of appeals districts.

HB352 – Relating to the composition of the districts for the election of members of the United States House of Representatives.

HB464 – Relating to confirmation of a voter’s residence by a voter registrar.

HB574 – Relating to the prevention of fraud in the conduct of an election.

HB611 – Relating to the assistance of voters; increasing a criminal penalty.

HB895 – Relating to the recording of certain personal information of voters by election officials.

Senate Chamber

SB208 – Relating to a prohibition on the distribution of an application form for an early voting ballot.

SB231 – Relating to training for county election officers.

Possible Allied Organizations

  • Annie’s List
  • Common Cause
  • Fair Maps Texas
  • JOLT
  • League of Women Voters
  • MOVE Texas
  • Our Revolution
  • Planned Parenthood Texas Votes
  • Progress Texas
  • REV UP! Texas
  • Texans Against Gerrymandering
  • Texans for Public Justice
  • Texas Civil Rights Project
  • Texas Organizing Project
  • Texas Rising (Texas Freedom Network)
  • The Lone Star Project
  • United We Dream
  • Voto Latino
  • Black Lives Matter