Mission and Background

Texas currently spends around $4 billion of taxpayer money each year on our criminal legal system that focuses on retribution and dehumanization. This doesn’t even include the cost to cities and counties for policing and jail operating expenses. Texas has been locking people in cages, destroying families, and taking advantage of slave labor profits for too long.

Our new criminal justice huddle will support the TX Lege Justice Advocacy Coalition, made up of various partner organizations, centered around the experiences of those directly impacted by our system. We focus on transformative justice and de-carceration solutions. 

Issue Priorities for the 87th Session

We will be following/supporting hundreds of bills this session, but some of our top priorities this session include:

  • The George Floyd Act
  • Remaining parts of the Sandra Bland Act
  • Abolishing slavery in Texas
  • Harm reduction for drug use
  • Legalizing/decriminalizing marijuana

How We Operate

We’ll meet just once a month and can check in between meetings though the Slack channel when needed, as the Coalition meetings are weekly (Tuesdays at 4pm).

We will organize bill tracking, check in on what the priorities are for each week/month as needed, and identify the calls to action that we’d like the Indivisible TX Lege group to promote through the various platforms across the state. 

If you’re interested in joining the huddle, please contact Lauren at lauren.o@indivisible.org