Many activists are called to advocacy for one specific issue that is near and dear to them. To best harness our passions and align with partner organizations, we have identified eight key areas around which we organize in what we call “huddle” groups:

  • Criminal Justice
    This huddle is a supportive group to the TX Lege Justice Advocacy Coalition, made up of various partner organizations, centered around the experiences of those directly impacted by our justice system. We work on addressing the harm and injustices of our criminal legal system, aiming for transformative justice and decarceration solutions. This huddle helps track and organize bills moving through the legislative process, and we sort through coalition priorities to form timely calls to action.
  • Democracy (including civil and voting rights)
    “We the People” stand at the precipice of losing our precious rights to determine how we continue to “form a more perfect union.” The Democracy Huddle will focus on protecting and extending our most potent tools of Democracy: Voting Rights, Elections and Redistricting during the 87th Texas Legislature. We are committed to forging individual skills, talent and ideas into a powerful grassroots effort to positively influence the legislative process from within and without the Texas Legislature. Our goal is universal, complete suffrage and enfranchisement through new legal protections and equitably drawn districts across all levels of state and federal government.
  • Disability Justice
    In the Disability Justice huddle, we believe that the time for equitable opportunities and outcomes for Texans with disabilities is long overdue.  Together we will engage in cross-disability, intersectional advocacy efforts to help legislators improve bills and mitigate harmful impacts while proactively pushing for the changes our community needs.
  • Education
    The Education Huddle advocates for equitable access to an excellent education for all Texas public school students. We will collaborate and learn from allied organizations to develop effective advocacy resources and actions. These organizations include education advocates and teacher associations. Also, we will develop effective relationships with certain legislators and key staff. These two functions will help empower local indivisible groups and activists to hold legislators accountable and improve state education policy.
  • Environment
    This Huddle works on all issues related to the environment. Because this is Texas, water or the fossil fuel industry are playing a major part in our work.
  • Healthcare
    The healthcare huddle’s main focus this year is to improve the state of the healthcare system in Texas, a state ranked as the 4th worst healthcare provider in the United States. Joining us in this huddle would help us lead our state towards a better healthcare future after the 87th legislative session!
  • Immigration
    This Huddle advocates for dignity and compassion for immigrants and refugees, as well as sensible border controls that do not disrupt the natural environment. As the largest border state, Texas has a unique role to play in defending immigrant rights.  Our partner organizations include RAICES, Immigrant Justice Now, and Grassroots Leadership.
    This huddle is for folks who believe sexual orientation and gender identity/expression should not determine how safe, respected, and accepted you are in the Lone Star State.
  • Reproductive Rights
    This Huddle advocates for women and their right to choose the reproductive options that are the best for them, their families, and their future.

If you’re more of a generalist, and want to help out in other ways, we’ve got something for you too! Here are other areas where you might be able to contribute:

  • Graphic design
  • Communications
  • Calendar updates
  • Administrative support