Many activists are called to advocacy for one specific issue that is near and dear to them. To best harness our passions and align with partner organizations, we have identified eight key areas around which we organize in what we call “huddle” groups:

  • Democracy (including civil and voting rights)
    This Huddle concerns itself with voting rights and redistricting issues, and overlaps with voter education and efforts to flip the Texas House.
  • Education
    This Huddle advocates for equitable access to excellent education for ALL of Texas’ public school and college students. We coordinate with like-minded organizations to develop effective advocacy, media and actionable information. These organizations may include teacher associations and advocates such as Just Fund It.
  • Environment
    This Huddle works on all issues related to the environment. Because this is Texas, water or the fossil fuel industry are playing a major part in our work.
  • Gun Safety
    This Huddle believes that state laws should protect people and preserve our security. Lawmakers should pass common sense gun reform that protects all the citizens of Texas from gun violence.
  • Healthcare
    This Huddle advocates for a sustainable health care system. Texas can and should provide quality health coverage for its citizens.
  • Immigration
    This Huddle advocates for dignity and compassion for immigrants and refugees, as well as sensible border controls that do not disrupt the natural environment. As the largest border state, Texas has a unique role to play in defending immigrant rights.  Our partner organizations include RAICES, Immigrant Justice Now, and Grassroots Leadership.
  • Women’s Issues

If you’re more of a generalist, and want to help out in other ways, we’ve got something for you too! Here are other areas where you might be able to contribute:

  • Graphic design
  • Communications
  • Calendar updates
  • Administrative support
  • If you want to join our group and volunteer, contact us by email.