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Defeat HB 6, a Voter Suppression and Criminalization Act (and SB 7, too!)

ISSUE We saw proof in 2020–Texans want to vote and they did! Now, the Texas Legislature is taking up comprehensive election bills that will deter voters and restrict election officials: House Bill 6 Senate Bill 7 in the Senate. 3/30 Update on SB 7: On Friday (3/26), despite many hours of public testimony–the vast majority […]

Contact Legislators to Protect Your Right to Vote

ACT BY THURSDAY, MARCH 18 ISSUE Texas Republican lawmakers have launched bills from birdshot- to 10-megaton-size bombs targeted at suppressing the vote. These bills would create extra work and stress for overburdened county election officials. Worse, they would subject violators to felony prosecution for infractions that now are misdemeanors. Other legislators have introduced bills to […]