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Ask Governor Abbott to Slow the Spread!


Our governor has started to change his messaging on COVID-19, thankfully, but he still has room to grow and needs to take further action to slow the rampant spread of the virus in our state.


Texas Tribune: Greg Abbott Warns of Potential Lockdown


“Hi, I’m a constituent of Governor Abbott’s from {city/town} and my zip code is {_______}. I’m calling today to applaud his recent actions on requiring masks around the state, and respectfully encourage him to take more action to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state.

“Many of our hospitals are at or beyond capacity already, and our economy will be devastated if we continue to see high infection rates. The current lack of state-wide responsibility is nullifying the shutdowns we had just a few months ago.

“Stop the virus now by issuing a mandatory stay at home order. That is the only way we’ll get past this spike in cases.”

Ask AG Paxton to drop his lawsuit against the ACA


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (who has been indicted on felony fraud charges) is leading a lawsuit to throw out the Affordable Care Act, including the provisions that protect people with preexisting conditions from losing their health insurance. Join #SickofItTexas in an ACA week of action by signing the petition. And make sure everyone you know in Texas knows what Paxton is trying to do. And that he’s up for reelection in 2022.



Sign: Drop the Suit

Ask for Increased Access to COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing


While Texas is generally moving in the right direction on testing and contact tracing, we are still woefully behind where we need to be. To safely and responsibly reopen the state, most experts agree that testing and contact tracing are two vital elements to stop the spread.



Call Governor Abbott’s office at 512-463-2000. Here’s what you can say:

“Hi, I’m a constituent of Governor Abbot from {city}. My zip code is {zip}. I’m calling to urge him to direct more funds to increase both testing for and contact tracing of COVID-19. According to immunology and infectious disease efforts, these are the only proven methods to safely reopen our state without putting lives in danger and overcrowding our emergency rooms. Without these important measures, the Texas economy will take an even bigger hit that we’ve already seen. Thank you.”

Prevent Evictions


The Texas Supreme Court has put a moratorium on evictions through May 18. With little possibility that employment will be even close to recovering by then, we need to urge our elected officials to extend the moratorium on evictions until there is some semblance of normalcy in the state’s unemployment numbers.



Call your elected officials: State Supreme Court Members, the Governor (512-463-2000), and your State Rep and State Senator. (See Who Represents Me?). Here’s a sample script.

“Hi, I’m a constituent. My name is {name} and my zip code is {zip}. I’m calling to urge {representative name} to extend the moratorium on evictions in Texas until the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us and unemployment levels in the state have rebounded to more normal levels. In addition, the moratorium should include a waiver for all late fees, so we can prevent Texans from getting into a financial hole that they’ll never be able to recover from. Thank you.”

Push for increasing vote-by-mail options


The primary runoff elections will take place Tuesday, May 26, and public health concerns around COVID-19 will likely still be looming large. The same may be true by the time of the November general election. To prevent Texans from deciding between voting and protecting their health, our state government should increase the availability of voting by mail.


Texas runoff candidates curbing direct voter contact amid coronavirus concerns


Call your State Representative, State Senator, and Governor Greg Abbott at 512-463-2000. Say:

“My name is _____ and I’m a constituent of {Representative/Senator name}. My zip code is _____. I’m calling to encourage my representative/senator and Governor Abbott to find solutions for our May runoff election, as well as the general election in November, that will allow all voters to vote by mail or otherwise ensure access to the polls in a way that takes into account the current public health crisis. Thank you.”

Push back against ICE activity in Texas


In recent years, police forces across the state of Texas have pushed back against federal immigration directives. Why? Because local law enforcement better understand the priorities needed to keep their communities safe, and going after hard working immigrants is not a priority. Now ICE is planning to send additional forces to crack down on immigrants in “sanctuary cities.”


Call your state elected officials and urge them to push back and support local priorities.

“Hi, I’m a constituent of {Sen/Rep/Governor} _________. I am urging {her/him} to push back against the increased ICE activity in Texas. We need to let our local police officers set local priorities, and cannot have families living in constant fear. We cannot let this federal overreach go unopposed! My zip code is ______.”

Call Governor Greg Abbott to keep Texas open to refugees


Governor Abbott has announced that Texas will opt out of accepting refugees. Since then, a court has blocked the decision, thankfully, but we still need to make it loud and clear that Texas welcomes refugees.




“Hi, I’m a Texan and constituent of Governor Greg Abbott, and I was appalled to hear that he hopes to block refugees from resettling in Texas. Texas is a large and wealthy state that has been only made stronger by the refugee families who have resettled here. I’d also like to remind the Governor that Texas is a friendly state, and he will face a tough reelection in 2022 if he continues to push hateful policies that hurt people. My zip code is _____.”

Tell legislators on the TX House and Senate Higher Education Committees to address crushing student debt


Former Texas college and university students often carry a crushing student loan debt years after they finish attending their institution. This can reduce their post college standard of living, and lead to crippling loan defaults. Also, the state is less likely to reach its college degree goals as the student loan problem worsens.


Anyone can call any of the committee members, and do it anytime from now until September 1, 2020.


House Higher Education Committee members:

  • Chris Turner Chair (D) (512) 463-0574
  • Lynn Stuckey VC (R) (512) 463-0582 
  • Angie Chen Button (R) (512) 463-0486
  • John Frullo (R) (512) 463-0676 
  • Donna Howard (D) (512) 463-0631 
  • Leo Pacheco (D) (210) 928-9023
  • Matt Scheafer (R) (512) 463-0584
  • John Smithee (R) 512) 463-0702
  • Armando Walle (D) (512) 463-0924
  • Terry Wilson (R) (512) 463-0309

Senate Higher Education Committee members:

  • Brandon Creighton Chair (R) (512) 463-0104
  • Royce West Vice Chair (D) (512) 463-0123
  • Paul Bettencourt (R) (512) 463-0107
  • Brandon Creighton (R) (512) 463-0104
  • Pete Flores (R) (512) 463-0119
  • José Menéndez (D) (512) 463-0126
  • Beverly Powell (D) (512) 463-0110
  • Larry Taylor (R) (512) 463-0111
  • Kirk Watson (D) (512) 463-0114


“Hi, I’m {your name} and I’m calling because I’m seriously concerned about the crushing student loan debt that college students must take on in order to afford a higher education degree. This debt reduces Texan’s post-college standard of living and can lead to crippling loan defaults. Also, the state is less likely to reach its college degree goals as the student loan problem worsens. I ask that you study this problem and make recommendations for consideration during the 2021 session as part of the {House Interim Higher Education or Senate Interim Education Committee’s} work this interim.  Thank you.”


Help Increase Voter Turnout in Texas


Texas has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country, and it’s also one of the hardest states to vote. Here are a few actions you can take to help increase voter turnout in Texas.


Call Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to support HR 4.

Become a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar

Volunteer for a voting rights group


This action never expires. We invite everyone to stay involved with this issue!