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Help Us Run Zone Defense

ISSUE One of the most important activities we can participate in to make our state government work for us is to make sure our representatives hear from us on a regular basis. We’re developing an Indivisible TX Lege one-pager and hope to meet with every State Representative and State Senator’s office to make it clear […]

Call for Resignations!

Call for Resignations!

ISSUE Find the explanation statement, as well as representative’s contact information here. CONTACT INFORMATION FOR ALL THE NAMES ABOVE(page opens in new tab or window) And then follow up with any or all of these actions: Action 1 Call Senator Ted Cruz and Attorney General Ken Paxton and ask them to resign. Contact info here. […]

Call for Ken Paxton’s Resignation

ISSUE The Texas State Attorney General participated in the events in DC on Wednesday, January 6. And he tweeted about it. It’s unlikely that he stormed the capitol, but we do know that he sewed distrust in our democratic systems and encouraged others to refuse to uphold the election results. On top of that, he […]

Indivisible TX Lege Kick-off Party!

WHAT’S HAPPENING? Join us for our 2021 Kick-off party on Saturday, January 9, from 11 AM to 12:30 PM CST. Y’all are invited for some FUN and information as we gear up for the 87th Legislative Session. Bring a friend, bring a snack, and get ready to get pumped up! SIGN UP We’ll see […]

Help Texans Facing Food Insecurity

ISSUE The COVID pandemic has hit Texans and their families hard this year. ¬†An overwhelming majority of Texas counties expect 1 in 4 children, or more, to face food insecurity this year. Those numbers are staggering. If you can, consider giving your time or a donation to a food bank near you. TAKE ACTION Donate: […]

Push back on frivolous lawsuits

ISSUE Surely you’ve seen the lawsuit that Ken Paxton, acting on behalf of the state of Texas, issued to several states that went for Joe Biden in the general election. Not only did the case have no legal standing and was summarily dismissed by the Supreme Court, it used ridiculous language, like saying the odds […]

Learn about The Ledge on Dec 12!

Join us this Saturday, December 12, at 10 AM CST on Zoom, and bring a few friends, to learn the nuts and bolts about how our state government works. We’ll spend an hour covering TX Lege 101, the budget, redistricting, and how you can make an influence on the direction of our state. Understanding our […]

Call for Remote Testimony

ISSUE COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Texas, and with the Legislative session starting just over a month from now, our state government hasn’t nailed down a plan to accommodate testimony from constituents. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick would prefer to have people continue to provide testimony in person, with a COVID test 24 hours ahead […]

Push for COVID-19 Protection Measures

ISSUE COVID-19 rates in Texas continue to climb. In El Paso County, the local government was sued by the State over a shutdown order, and unfortunately the state won. Now El Paso is at crisis levels. Not only is our State Government fundamentally overreaching, they’re doing it in a way that puts thousands of lives […]

Say NO to Voter Suppression

ISSUE On Thursday (10/1/2020) , Governor Abbott issued an order allowing counties no more than one drop-off ballot location. This means that Harris County, a county with a population larger than the entire state of Rhode Island, can only have 1 location for elderly or disabled voters to drop their filled-in, mail-in ballot. This act […]