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Year in Review: Looking Back at 2021

Though 2021 was a tough year for our state and our country, we wanted to take this time to reflect on all the amazing work you helped us accomplish. We are forever grateful for the support, the work and the community you have helped us build in order to make Texas a more fair and […]

Don’t Let a School Mask Mandate Prohibition Become Law (HB 141) (update)

ISSUE Note: Updated to reflect that HB 141 has been referred to the House Public Education Committee. The Texas GOP is trying to put into law Greg Abbott’s current executive order regarding mask mandates. This bill is fodder for the far, far right-wing base. The data is clear–masks help stop the spread of COVID-19–and schools […]

Build a Grid, Not a Wall!

ISSUE Governor Abbott wants to pick up where Trump left off, building a pointless wall along our southern border. It would accomplish nothing useful, while also miring the state in legal challenges and damaging the natural environment. The wall would also be staggeringly expensive. At a time when our state faces serious problems with health […]

Join Us Every Tuesday for a CTA Phone Bank

TUESDAYS AT 1 PM If you or anyone you know is a bit hesitant to call a state legislator, consider joining us weekly to make calls together. We’ll walk through current CTAs and answer any questions you have to help you get calls made, emails written, and testimony submitted. Since our ability to gather at […]

Call to Support the Mask Mandate

ISSUE Reports came out last week that the Governor is considering removing his statewide mask mandate. The data are clear – it’s too soon to do that without putting an undue risk on Texans’ health. Haven’t we already been through enough this year? When you call his office, tell the switchboard operator that you’d like […]

Respond to Abbott’s Emergency Priorities

ISSUE During session, only emergency priorities designated by the Governor can be voted on within the first 60 days of session. Those priorities, announced last Monday, had no mention of COVID-19 relief, the recession, racial justice reform, or access to healthcare, making me wonder, “What world is he living in?” BACKGROUND Abbot’s Priorities Editorial Version […]