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Don’t Let a School Mask Mandate Prohibition Become Law (HB 141) (update)

ISSUE Note: Updated to reflect that HB 141 has been referred to the House Public Education Committee. The Texas GOP is trying to put into law Greg Abbott’s current executive order regarding mask mandates. This bill is fodder for the far, far right-wing base. The data is clear–masks help stop the spread of COVID-19–and schools […]

Protect Public Education

The quality of public education in Texas is under threat from several bills. Other bills that would improve public education will die if they are not heard and approved this week. The Bad HB 3979 would severely limit how educators teach history and social studies. It would also keep students from participating in civic activities […]

Keep Control of School Districts in Local Hands (SB 1365)

ISSUE Democratically elected school boards are essential because they know best when it comes to managing local education efforts. They are responsible to the communities they serve. But the authority of those elected positions is under attack. Senate Bill 1365 would disenfranchise voters by allowing the appointed commissioner of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to […]

Reduce Excessive Standardized Testing (HB 3668)

ISSUE In the 1990s, Texas pioneered using extensive, high-stakes standardized tests as a tool to improve schools. The results have been mixed—standardized-test scores have increased, but college professors find students are less prepared for the kind of deep learning that will lead to successful careers. Texas requires more standardized tests than federal law requires, and […]

Improve Public Education Accountability. Ensure HB 1867 Gets a Hearing and Passes!

ACT THROUGH APRIL 30 ISSUE The public education accountability system grades students and schools based on standardized test scores–just one test on one day during a school year. Research has shown this is a flawed approach that not only doesn’t improve student learning but actually traumatizes many students. Teachers and schools are held accountable for […]

Rein in Harmful Charter School Expansion!

ISSUE Current state law favors charter schools over locally-controlled independent school districts. Under current law, charter schools: Receive on average $1,150 per student more state funding, money that could be used to improve local public schools. Do not comply with spending and reporting requirements followed by independent school districts. Continue to expand without the oversight […]