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It’s now or never to stand for voter rights — testify against #Suppression Session bills

House hearing on HB 3 is on Saturday, July 10 at 8 AMSenate hearing on SB 1 and SB 31 is on Saturday, July 10 at 11 AM ISSUE Welcome to the Texas Legislature’s #SuppressionSession where state leadership is once more slashing voter rights–out of public view, with lightning speed, little notice, and new rules […]

Build a Grid, Not a Wall!

ISSUE Governor Abbott wants to pick up where Trump left off, building a pointless wall along our southern border. It would accomplish nothing useful, while also miring the state in legal challenges and damaging the natural environment. The wall would also be staggeringly expensive. At a time when our state faces serious problems with health […]

Support Medicaid Expansion in Texas

Written comments accepted until June 28 ISSUE While the 87th regular legislative session is over and Medicaid expansion did not get passed, we all have a chance to make our support for it known. Until June 28, Texas Health and Human Services is accepting comments during the state’s 1115 waiver extension application process. Every comment […]

Stop Attacks on Transgender Children! (SB 29) (4)

ISSUE SB 29 bans transgender children from participating in student athletics teams that match their gender identities, excluding them from the friendship, education, teamwork, and health benefits of playing a sport. Worse, it would allow anyone–coach, fan or player–to accuse and humiliate any child (especially girls) of not belonging, potentially leading to accused children being […]

Protect Public Education

The quality of public education in Texas is under threat from several bills. Other bills that would improve public education will die if they are not heard and approved this week. The Bad HB 3979 would severely limit how educators teach history and social studies. It would also keep students from participating in civic activities […]

Keep Control of School Districts in Local Hands (SB 1365)

ISSUE Democratically elected school boards are essential because they know best when it comes to managing local education efforts. They are responsible to the communities they serve. But the authority of those elected positions is under attack. Senate Bill 1365 would disenfranchise voters by allowing the appointed commissioner of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to […]