Though 2021 was a tough year for our state and our country, we wanted to take this time to reflect on all the amazing work you helped us accomplish. We are forever grateful for the support, the work and the community you have helped us build in order to make Texas a more fair and equitable place for everyone. Here’s a look back at just some of the work: 


  • Gathered 25,000+ signatures with Voto Latino, MoveOn, and over 100 Texas orgs to hold federal and state officials accountable for their part in the attempted coup on January 6th. The press conference and petition garnered media attention from national and local news outlets and were seen by thousands of Texans, leading to newly activated organizers and activists all over the state. This collaborative effort led to the formation of the Texas Grassroots Alliance, a coalition that connects over 150 orgs, and 300 leaders throughout Texas. All 25k signatures from the petition were dropped off to elected officials in Washington DC, Dallas, Austin, and Houston on the same day. 
  • Connected with over a dozen Coalitions, regional, statewide, and national to collaborate with fellow progressive leaders. 
  • Rallied with over a dozen organizations to hold our leaders accountable with the #TexasDeservesBetter campaign after Winter Storm Uri devastated our state. With coverage from the media, the campaign even grew to incorporate rallies and actions in multiple cities across Texas. 
  • Organized Issue Huddles focused on Democracy, Education, Healthcare, Environment, Reproductive Rights, LGBTQIA+, Criminal Justice, and Immigration to develop Calls to Action for the 2021 Legislative session. 
  • Hosted Budget Night Preview and Budget Night LIVE events for the 2021 Legislative session. 
  • Created Reader Corner, a book club for our organizers that dives into books that help us grow and develop in our TXLege advocacy. 


  • Defeated more than 70 anti-LGBTQIA+ bills in the regular and special sessions, with 98% success rate
  • ITXL organizers played key role in pushing back against voter suppression bills via testimony and calls to action 
  • Don’t Mess With Texas Voters Coalition developed to push back on TXLege voter suppression legislation and push Congress on federal voting rights legislation. This coalition developed and participated in over 40 events throughout Texas. 


  • Supported the TXLege Democrats Quorum Break to stop harmful legislation being passed in the TXLege. 


  • Relaunched the Texas Tour in-person in Austin gathering nearly 30 activists and organizers in a weekend of hands-on learning, collaboration and deep canvassing in the capitol city. The Texas Tour will continue in 2022!
  • Distributed over 40 newsletters to Texas activists in 2021. 
  •  Pushed out legislative calls to action and 10,000 actions were completed by Texans. 
  • Created 40+ hours of content for Facebook And YouTube in 2021
  • Our work has been featured in the Texas Tribune, New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, The Dallas Morning News, US House Subcommittee, and multiple pattern organization marketing materials including JOLT, ACLU and more!
  • Focused on anti racism work within our organization, and hosted community chats to develop solutions for a more inclusive organizing environment. Our leadership is now reflective of this framework, and has a diverse core. 
  • By the end of 2021 we raised over $20k via fundraising efforts and grants from partner organizations.