In the regular session, we fought hard against Senate Bill 29, the anti-trans athlete bill. And we won, in that SB 29 did not become law. Then it came back in the second special session as SB 2, and we won again. Now, in the third special session, the same issue has resurfaced as a triad of bills: Senate Bill 3, House Bill 10, and House Bill 25.

  • SB 3 and HB 10 have been referred in the House to the Public Education Committee, chaired by Representative Harold Dutton.
  • HB 25 was referred to the Constitutional Rights and Remedies Select Committee, chaired by Rep. Trent Ashby.

All three bills ban transgender children from participating in student athletics teams that match their gender identities, excluding them from the friendship, education, teamwork, and health benefits of playing a sport.

Worse, they would allow anyone–-coach, fan, or player–-to accuse and humiliate any child (especially girls) of not belonging, potentially leading to accused children being forced to undergo invasive examinations and other privacy-violating tests.

We need to make sure these bills get stopped once again, or risk causing irreversible damage to our transgender kids.


Every single Texan can take action to make sure that the identities of transgender children are respected and that they are able to enjoy the benefits of playing sports with their peers. While Rep. Dutton has evolved on transgender rights in our favor over this year, many of the legislators in Rep. Ashby’s committee have not had to take a stance on this issue before.

We can’t let any of these bills leave any of these committees, so we need your help to reach out to the Constitutional Rights and Remedies Committee and to Chairman Dutton!

To the Constitutional Rights & Remedies Committee

You can say/write…

My name is _____ . I live in ________ and my zip code is _____. I’m calling to let you know that I strongly oppose House Bill 25, which targets transgender children. Excluding transgender kids from sports hurts kids athletics overall. Attempting to prove that a child doesn’t belong on the sports team that matches their gender identity subjects them to invasive, privacy-violating tests. No child deserves to go through that! All children deserve to participate and play with their peers. I not only urge you to not only vote NO on HB 25, but also to not even give it a hearing.

Constitutional Rights and Remedies Select Committee

  • Chair: Trent Ashby,; 512-463-0508
  • Vice Chair: Senfronia Thompson,; 512-463-0720
  • Member: John H. Bucy III,; 512-463-0696
  • Member: Travis Clardy,; 512-463-0592
  • Member: Charlie Geren,; 512-463-0610
  • Member: Jacey Jetton,; 512-463-0710
  • Member: Ann Johnson,; 512-463-0389
  • Member: Stephanie Klick,; 512-463-0599
  • Member: Brooks Landgraf,; 512-463-0546
  • Member: Oscar Longoria,; 512-463-0645
  • Member: J. M. Lozano,; 512-463-0463
  • Member: Joe Moody,; 512-463-0728
  • Member: Victoria Neave,; 512-463-0244
  • Member: Matt Shaheen,; 512-463-0594
  • Member: James White,; 512-463-0490

To House Public Education Committee Chair Dutton

You can say/write…

My name is _____ . I live in ________ and my zip code is _____. I’m calling to let you know that I strongly oppose Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 10, which target transgender children. I was proud of the stance you took last session to stop the anti-transgender bill from passing out of your committee. That action saved the lives of some of our most vulnerable youth. I’m asking you to be a hero to transgender children one more time and stop these bills from advancing, too. All children deserve to participate and play with their peers. Please don’t allow SB 3 and HB 25 to leave your committee.

  • Chairman, Harold Dutton:; 512-463-0510