Note: Updated to reflect that HB 141 has been referred to the House Public Education Committee.

The Texas GOP is trying to put into law Greg Abbott’s current executive order regarding mask mandates. This bill is fodder for the far, far right-wing base. The data is clear–masks help stop the spread of COVID-19–and schools need to be able to protect their students, faculty, and staff by taking common sense measures like requiring masks. And let’s be real–the Texas GOP is taking advantage of this moment to continue their efforts to dismantle public schools by pushing more public education funding to private schools. We must stop them now and stop HB 141!


Contact the House Public Education Committee members and push them to OPPOSE HB 141.

You can say/write…

My name is _______ and I live in zip code _______. I’m calling today as a {parent/educator/community member} who is incredibly concerned with the way our elected officials are playing politics with the health of our students and communities. I understand that HB 141 would not allow local schools to make decisions that are best for their schools. In these difficult times, our legislature should be taking action that HELPS our kids and families. {If you have a personal story, tell it here!} HB 141 needs to be stopped immediately, and our Governor needs to let local districts do what is right for them. Stop putting our kids health at risk.

House Public Education Committee

  • Chair: Rep. Harold Dutton,, 512-463-0510
  • Vice Chair: Rep. J. M. Lozano,, 512-463-0463
  • Member: Rep. Alma Allen,, 512-463-0744
  • Member: Rep: Steve Allison,, 512-463-0686
  • Member: Rep: Keith Bell,, 512-463-0458
  • Member: Rep: Diego Bernal,, 512-463-0532
  • Member: Rep: Brad Buckely,, 512-463-0684
  • Member: Rep: Mary Gonzalez,, 512-463-0613
  • Member: Rep: Dan Huberty,, 512-463-0520
  • Member: Rep: Ken King,, 512-463-0736
  • Member: Rep: Thresa Meza,, 512-463-0641
  • Member: Rep: James Talarico,, 512-463-0670
  • Member: Rep: Gary VanDeaver,, 512-463-0692