Hearing on Tuesday, August 24 at 10:30 AM


In the regular session, we fought hard against SB 29, the anti-trans athlete bill and we won. SB 29 did not become law.

Now that we’re in the second special session, the same issue has resurfaced under SB 2. We need to make sure this bill gets stopped once again, or face the risk of causing irreversible damage to our transgender kids.

SB 2 bans transgender children from participating in student athletics teams that match their gender identities, excluding them from the friendship, education, teamwork, and health benefits of playing a sport. Worse, it would allow anyone–-coach, fan or player–-to accuse and humiliate any child (especially girls) of not belonging, potentially leading to accused children being forced to undergo invasive examinations and other privacy-violating tests.

Every single Texan can take action to make sure that the identities of transgender children are respected and that they are able to enjoy the benefits of playing sports with their peers.


There is a hearing on SB 2 on Tuesday, August 24 at 10:30 AM. Every Texan is eligible to testify, either in person or in writing, against this bill. You can also call the House Public Education Committee members and make sure they know that you oppose the bill.

Testify in person

Here is the meeting notice.

Instructions for access to the meeting location and health and safety protocols for attending this meeting are here.

Testify online

You can make comments online until the hearing is adjourned. Go here. Fill in your contact information, then select “SB 2 by Perry.” Fill in your comments.

Make a call

Call the House Public Education Committee members and make sure they know that you oppose the bill.

You can say…

My name is __________ . I live in __________ and my zip code is _________ . I’m calling to let you know that I strongly oppose SB 2, which targets transgender children. Excluding transgender kids from sports hurts kids athletics overall. Attempting to prove that a child doesn’t belong on the sports team that matches their gender identity subjects them to invasive, privacy-violating tests. No child deserves to go through that! All children deserve to participate and play with their peers. I urge you to vote NO on SB 2.

House Public Education Committee

  • Chair: Rep. Harold Dutton, harold.dutton@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0510
  • Vice Chair: Rep. J. M. Lozano, jm.lozano@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0463
  • Member: Rep. Alma Allen, alma.allen@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0744
  • Member: Rep: Steve Allison, steve.allison@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0686
  • Member: Rep: Keith Bell, keith.bell@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0458
  • Member: Rep: Diego Bernal, diego.bernal@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0532
  • Member: Rep: Brad Buckely, brad.buckley@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0684
  • Member: Rep: Mary Gonzalez, mary.gonzalez@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0613
  • Member: Rep: Dan Huberty, dan.huberty@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0520
  • Member: Rep: Ken King, ken.king@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0736
  • Member: Rep: Thresa Meza, terry.meza@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0641
  • Member: Rep: James Talarico, james.talarico@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0670
  • Member: Rep: Gary VanDeaver, gary.vandeaver@house.texas.gov, 512-463-0692