COVID-19 infection and hospitalization rates in Texas continue to skyrocket, yet Governor Greg Abbott refuses to protect our children by requiring masks be worn on public school campuses. Worse, he has said that no jurisdiction in Texas can pass a mask mandate…including schools!

Right now less than 15% of kids 12-17 years old are fully vaccinated. Children under 12 are still not eligible for the vaccine. But many schools will require in-person attendance this fall where it seems pandemic protection measures are merely optional. We need to let our elected officials know this is simply not acceptable!

In early July 2020, when Texas was experiencing 8,000 new confirmed Covid-19 cases per day, Gov. Abbott issued an executive order requiring all Texans to wear a face covering. Now, with new confirmed cases exceeding 15,000 (as of August 4), the Governor refuses to require masks; not even on K-12 public school campuses. The AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) strongly encourages mask wearing by students and staff in schools. And the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has urged all school teachers, staffers, students, and visitors to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. Yet, Governor Abbott has prohibited mask mandates. What is he thinking?

This is, to be frank, malfeasance. If Governor Abbott were truly concerned about protecting the children of Texas, he would be mandating masking in ALL public schools, at least until the vaccine is available for everyone in this age group.


Every person in Texas who cares about children and the spread of COVID-19 should call Governor Abbott and their state senator and house representative to demand that a mask mandate be issued for everyone on all school campuses, regardless of vaccination status as long as the pandemic continues to rage in Texas.

Call Governor Greg Abbott at 512-463-2000.

Find who represents you HERE. Then find the contact info for your state representative HERE or HERE.

Find the contact info for your state senator HERE or HERE.

You can say…

My name is ________. I live in (your city) and my zip code is _______. With the rise in the COVID-19 delta variant, and our kids under 12 not being able to get a vaccine yet, I’m really concerned about Governor Abbott’s order that disallows schools from requiring masks on public school campuses. {Tell your personal story here if you have one!} I really don’t understand why the Governor is against putting in place a common-sense protection that can protect our kids’ lives. Safety protocols cannot fall to the wayside when we need them most. Every person on a school campus must wear a mask. Please reverse the prohibition on mask mandates so our kids under 12 can be protected. Thank you.