Here’s what may be final House redistricting hearings for the foreseeable future. New dates are:

  • July 6 at 2 PM
  • July 7 at 10 AM

Though the hearings will focus on the El Paso or San Antonio areas, the committee will also hear testimony about any region of the State.


Texas residents who wish to electronically submit comments can do so until the hearing is adjourned by visiting:

Or you can contact a member of the House Redistricting Committee (see contact info below) to make your comment.

Here’s a suggestion of what you can write or say (feel free to use only the first and last paragraphs when making a phone call or otherwise edit as you wish!):

The goal of redistricting should be to accomplish what the Bill of Rights guarantees: equal justice under the law. Texas is an enormous state with a wide variety of people, cultures, and needs.

Gerrymandering is a political process that draws district maps to favor one party, ethnic group or race. Gerrymandered districts do not respect the needs of voters, just politicians and powerful corporate interests. Spanning great spaces of rural real estate to connect two pieces of urban areas or carving slices of urban and rural communities to create districts harms communities. Urban, rural, poor and wealthy, white and non-white, apartments and single family areas often do not share the same needs. Transportation, health infrastructure, judicial, environmental, and enfranchisement issues deserve caring representation.

Gerrymandering results in voter suppression and disenfranchisement. No groups have been harmed more by map manipulation and voter suppression than Black, Latino, disadvantaged, and disability communities. Their voices have been minimized in the ballot box and in Congress. This is blatantly unfair.

The only way to achieve equal justice is to, as much as possible, create politically neutral districts that reflect the needs of protected communities so they have the representation they deserve.

House Redistricting Committee

  • Chair: Todd Hunter, 512-463-0672,
  • Vice-Chair: Toni Rose, 512-463-0664,
  • Member: Rafael Anchia, 512-463-0746,
  • Member: Craig Goldman, 512-463-0608,
  • Member: Ryan Guillen, 512-463-0416,
  • Member: Jacey Jetton, 512-463-0710,
  • Member: Brooks Landgraf, 512-463-0546,
  • Member: Ina Minjarez, 512-463-0634,
  • Member: Joe Moody, 512-463-0728,
  • Member: Geanie Morrison, 512-463-0456,
  • Member: Andrew Murr, 512-463-0536,
  • Member: Mike Schofield, 512-463-0528,
  • Member: Senfronia Thompson, 512-463-0720,
  • Member: Chris Turner, 512-463-0574,
  • Member: James White, 512-463-0490,


A live video broadcast of the hearings will be available HERE.