Governor Abbott wants to pick up where Trump left off, building a pointless wall along our southern border. It would accomplish nothing useful, while also miring the state in legal challenges and damaging the natural environment.

The wall would also be staggeringly expensive. At a time when our state faces serious problems with health care, education, and even basic infrastructure, the last thing we need is a useless monument to Abbott’s political ambitions.

Abbott has taken $250 million from the prison budget as a “down payment” on this wall. He has given no specifics on where it should be, because it doesn’t actually matter; the point is just to look tough on immigration to his base.


  • Estimates range from $26 million to $45 million per mile.

Legally Dubious

  • The federal government is supposed to be in charge of immigration and border security, not individual states.
  • The landowners along the border don’t want this. They fought the Trump administration’s attempts to take their property via eminent domain, and they will surely fight Abbott too.
  • The US and Mexico have a treaty requiring the Rio Grande floodplain to remain open.
  • LULAC is planning to file a lawsuit the minute Abbott specifies exactly what his plan is.

So Texas will spend the next decade in court fighting the feds, LULAC, Mexico, and landowners in the Valley? Is this a priority for our state?


  • For both asylum seekers and migrants, the current situation is unnecessarily dangerous. A wall obviously does nothing to alleviate these problems, and if anything, actually makes the situation worse. It would also be very destructive to the natural environment.


Every Texan should call Governor Abbott at 512-463-2000. Ask him to focus on Texas’ actual needs, like health care and electricity, rather than a useless wall.

You can say…

My name is ___________. I am a Texan living in __________ and my zip code is _______. I am calling to ask Governor Abbott not to build a border wall, but instead invest in our electrical grid. A wall would be extremely expensive and do nothing useful for border residents. Meanwhile, our grid failed badly last February, and was almost overloaded again just recently. Don’t proceed with plans to build a wall on the southern border!