Join our Clothes Hanger Crusade against SB 8, flooding our state lawmakers with clothes hangers to remind them that their vote and support of the ‘heartbeat’ bill has set women’s rights back to the days of clothes hangers and back-alley abortions.

The bill will go into effect on September 1st. We are letting our Legislators know now that we will remember their vote in support of this egregious bill that strips Texans of our rights, our lives, and our futures. We are telling them how disappointed we are with their support of this extreme anti-choice bill and that we will remember their vote when we vote in the November 2022 elections.

As a reminder, here’s what SB 8 does:

  • Bans abortions before a person knows they are pregnant and shows a profound ignorance of gestation and the continuum of a viable pregnancy.
  • Has no exceptions for rape, incest, or mental health.
  • Relies on “civil penalties.” This means anyone (in or out of state) can sue anyone that they believe “aids and abets” someone who gets an abortion that they believe was after the appearance of a ‘heartbeat.’
  • Ignores the legal practice of “standing” to sue, meaning that anyone can sue regardless of whether they have been harmed by the action.
  • Does not allow a person who is sued but wins the case to reclaim legal costs from the person who sued them. This clears the way for frivolous lawsuits and weaponizes the judicial system.


Send wire clothes hangers to the Texas legislators who supported SB 8, which effectively bans abortion access in Texas. Attach a note and either deliver to your local legislator’s offices or mail to Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick in Austin.