Democratically elected school boards are essential because they know best when it comes to managing local education efforts. They are responsible to the communities they serve. But the authority of those elected positions is under attack. Senate Bill 1365 would disenfranchise voters by allowing the appointed commissioner of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to take over and govern local school districts with no public oversight, based on the test scores of a few campuses.

SB 1365 would:

  • Give the commissioner of the TEA sole discretion regarding school district investigations and allow that person the
    right to evaluate and ultimately punish districts as they see fit.
  • Strip decision making from locally elected trustees and give all authority to an appointed board of managers chosen only by the commissioner.
  • Make the decisions of the commissioner unappealable in court and make it a crime if trustees tried.

Bureaucrats in Austin should not be making local decisions for our schools. Appointed state officials should not have the power to take away local governance when they feel like it. No one should have the ability to dismantle democracy in any community or school district.


All Texans should ask their representative to oppose SB 1365. Find who represents you HERE. Then find the contact info for your state representative HERE or HERE.

You can say/write…

Hi, my name is _____________. I live in _______________, and my zip code is _______. I’m {calling/writing} to ask Representative ________ to oppose Senate Bill 1365. Local residents know best when it comes to managing our school boards. School districts should not be subject to TEA take over under any circumstances, and especially not due to test scores from a few campuses. Please vote no on SB 1365.