House Bill 3979 would control how educators can teach history and social studies students. It targets the diversity and inclusion efforts already underway in public schools across Texas.

HB 3979 is part of a trend nationwide to keep educators and students from discussing and learning from history and current events. This trend would prohibit students from receiving course credit for participation in activities that encourage civic engagement, and school-wide race and gender diversity training for educators. This is a bald attempt to dictate and micro-manage social studies curriculum in public schools, which is should be left to educators and administrators.

House members expressed strong opposition to the bill, noting that issues like critical race theory and the civil rights movement are important topics for the classroom, without which students do not gain a full understanding of US history and current events.


Every Texan, please contact members of the Senate State Affairs committee (contact info below) and ask them to oppose House Bill 3979 (by Toth). Also contact your own senator.

Find who represents you HERE. Then find the contact info for your state senator HERE or HERE.

You can say/write…

My name is _________. I live in ___________ and my zip code is ______. I urge Senator ______________ to oppose House Bill 3979. The bill would ban educators from teaching accurate and diverse American history and social studies. It targets the diversity and inclusion efforts already underway in public schools across Texas. Many advocacy and teacher organizations have expressed strong opposition to the bill. Please vote no on HB 3979.

Senate State Affairs Committee

  • Chair: Bryan Hughes,, 512-463-0101
  • Vice-Chair: Brian Birdwell,, 512-463-0122
  • Member: Donna Campbell,, 512-463-0125
  • Member: Bob Hall,, 512-463-0102
  • Member: Eddie Lucio, Jr.,, 512-463-0127
  • Member: Jane Nelson,, 512-463-0112
  • Member: Beverly Powell,, 512-463-0110
  • Member: Charles Schwertner,, 512-463-0105
  • Member: Judith Zaffirini,, 512-463-0121