Texas leads the nation in maternal mortality–women dying after childbirth. HB 133, currently in the Senate Health and Human Service Committee, would extend Medicaid for 12 months after pregnancy. HB 133 would save women’s lives.

The staff of the chair of the Senate HHS Committee is saying that HB 133 is not needed because the Healthy Texas Women’s (HTW) program does the same thing. But that isn’t true! Consider these points:

  • The HTW program, while important, is not comprehensive care. Medicaid provides comprehensive coverage.
  • The HTW program will no longer allow automatic enrollment for Medicaid recipients. Participants must submit information to become eligible just as in Medicaid and CHIP renewal. For those programs, this results in fewer than 9% renewal rate. Requiring a similar verification process will most likely yield the same results for HTW.
  • HTW is funded from general revenue. Medicaid is funded with federal dollars. HB 133 would be funded by federal dollars and HTW monies could be saved.

HTW, while moving in the right direction, continues the “patchwork” approach to providing care, which is inherently inadequate and confusing. Coverage expansion through Medicaid would provide a simple, proven, seamless, comprehensive, and funded approach.


Call members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee (contact info below), Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and your Senator. Ask them to pass House Bill 133.

Find who represents you HERE. Then find the contact info for your state senator HERE or HERE.

You can say/write…

My name is _______. I live in _____________ and my zip code is _______. I am {calling/writing} to ask the Senator to support House Bill 133. Texas leads the nation in maternal mortality. HB 133 would expand Medicaid for 12 months after pregnancy, which would save women’s lives by providing comprehensive health care. The Healthy Texas Women’s program is not sufficient because it does not provide comprehensive care. Also, HTW is funded from general revenue while HB 133-provided care would be paid for by federal dollars. Please be fiscally responsible and pass HB 133.

Senate Health and Human Services Committee

  • Chair: Lois Kolkhorst, 512-463-0118, lois,kolkhorst@senate.texas.gpv
  • Vice-Chair: Charles Perry, 512-463-0128,
  • Member: César Blanco, 512-463-0129,
  • Member: Dawn Buckingham, 512-463-0124,
  • Member: Donna Campbell, 512-463-0125,
  • Member: Bob Hall, 512-463-0102,
  • Member: Borris L. Miles, 512-463-0113,
  • Member: Beverly Powell, 512-463-0110,
  • Member: Kel Seliger, 512-463-0131,