House Bill 6 is a massive voter suppression bill that strips power from counties and criminalizes mistakes by folks who want to help voters. It passed out of the House Elections Committee through a murky and underhanded process. (Four committee members have written to the United States Attorney General to ask for an investigation.)

The full House will hear HB 6 on Thursday, May 6. The Senate companion bill, SB 7, is not far behind.

HB 6 is a vicious attack on voting rights. It would make it harder to vote by:

  • Cutting voting hours and eliminating drive-thru voting (both of which were disproportionately used by voters of color in 2020).
  • Gutting vote-by-mail outreach to voters.
  • Empowering partisan poll watchers (who have a long history of intimidating Black voters and other voters of color at the polls).
  • Criminalizing voting. People of color are already overwhelmingly targeted by the Attorney General’s Office for investigations over voting. New criminal penalties would certainly intimidate people of color and keep them from voting.

As if that weren’t enough, legislators are attempting to combine this bill with Senate Bill 7, an omnibus voter suppression bill that’s working its way through the legislature. SB 7 would:

  • Strip voter rights
  • Financially burden local governments
  • Discourage poll workers
  • Elevate partisan poll watcher power above election official authority
  • Ban drive-through and outdoor voting
  • Restrict voters from dropping off completed absentee ballots
  • Shrink early voting periods
  • Create new costs for disabled voters
  • Increase burdens on voters with disabilities to access assistance at the polls

Combining these bills would create a true Frankenstein monster of voter suppression. If passed, this would be a devastating blow to voting rights for Texans, especially people of color and those living with disabilities.


You are our best chance to stop this attack on our right to vote. Will you take a few moments to call your representative and tell them to vote NO on HB 6 and SB 7?

Find who represents you HERE. Then find the contact info for your state representative HERE) or HERE.

You can say/write…

Hello, my name is _____________. I am a constituent. My zip code is _________. I’m {calling/writing} to let you know that I adamantly oppose the anti-voter bills House Bill 6 and Senate Bill 7, and want the Representative to vote against both. The bills would allow partisan operatives to video voters at the polls, end drive-through voting, cut early voting hours, and close polling places in minority areas. I believe that Texans deserve better. I hope the Representative will agree with me and vote against these bills. Thank you.


Indivisible TX Lege is greatly indebted to Texas Civil Rights Project for the much of the content in this Call to Action. Indivisible TX Lege values TCRP’s scholarship and willingness to share.