Voters are still under attack by leaders of the Legislature who continue to push bills that take votes away from people of color and with disabilities, punish voters and people who try to help them, and take authority away from local elected officials.

Most of the bills to be heard Thursday are voter friendly bills, but several, especially SB 1340, would take away voter and county rights–and have giant sales tags. The bills do not make clear what problem they intend to solve with this bill.

SB 1340 would make the Texas Secretary of State (SOS), an official appointed by the governor, the chief voter registrar for the state. It would put all county voter registrars under SOS control. County elections officials would still have elections duties, but would report to and be guided by the SOS, all without public input, hearings, or a chance to vote the SOS out of office. More behind closed doors “democracy.”

The Legislative Budget Board estimates this would cost more than $18 million the first year and nearly $18 million every year thereafter ($10 million in state funds and $8 million in federal funds.) Why would we spend that much money and give up that much local control with no perceptible benefit? Why put an appointed state official with rulemaking and executive authority over elected county officials like tax assessor-collectors and county-clerks?

Please call members of the House Committee on Elections and your own representative to ask them to stop this and the myriad other anti-voter bills in their tracks.


Every Texan should call or write the House Elections Committee members asking them to NOT pass SB 1340 out of committee.

You can also contact your representative to ask them to not pass voter suppression bills such as SB 1340.

Find who represents you HERE. Then find the contact info for your state representative HERE.

You can say or write…

Hi, My name is ___________. I live in _________ and my zip code is ________. I’m asking that you vote against referring Senate Bill 1340 out of the House Elections Committee. It will cost almost $20 million a year for no benefit to the voters and taxpayers of Texas. Please vote NO on SB 1340. Thank you.

House Elections Committee

  • Chair: Briscoe Cain, 512-463-0733, briscoe.cain@house.texas.gov
  • Vice-Chair: Jessica González, 512-463-0408, jessica.gonzalez@house.texas.gov
  • Member: Michelle Beckley, 512-463-0478, michelle.beckley@house.texas.gov
  • Member: John Bucy III, 512-463-0696, john.bucy@house.texas.gov
  • Member: Travis Clardy, 512-463-0592, travis.clardy@house.texas.gov
  • Member: Art Fierro, 512-463-0596, art.fierro@house.texas.gov
  • Member: Jacey Jetton, 512-463-0710, jacey.jetton@house.texas.gov
  • Member: Mike Schofield, 512-463-0528, mike.schofield@house.texas.gov
  • Member: Valoree Swanson, 512-463-0572, valerie.swanson@house.texas.gov


To submit written testimony online, you may do so until the committee adjourns. The meeting starts at 8 AM and will break about 10 AM for committee members to go to the House floor. Then they will return and resume the meeting.

Go HERE. Enter your contact information, then select “SB 1340 by Buckingham.”


If you have time to drop by the Capitol Building, E2.028 to testify in person or register an opinion, you can find information about that HERE.