Texans must trust that the maps drawn to designate who represents them in government are drawn fairly and transparently. House Bill 3112 would bring transparency to the entire process of redistricting in Texas. It would:

  • Require development of a website that would include public notices of hearings, provide data used in redistricting, and be a portal for public comments and questions.
  • Require legislative committees involved in redistricting to hold public hearings both before and after Census data is delivered.
  • Require that certain data considered during development of a redistricting plan be made public in a timely manner.

To date, HB 3112 has not been scheduled for a hearing in committee. We want to bring redistricting into the sunlight. The first step is getting it heard and passed out of committee.


Every Texan interested in redistricting should call members of the House Redistricting committee (contact info below) and ask that HB 3112 be scheduled for a hearing.

Want to call or email? You could say…

Hi. My name is __________. I live in ________and my zip code is _____________. I’m asking today that Representative __________ take steps to ensure House Bill 3112 gets a hearing and passes out of committee. HB 3112 would create a redistricting process that is transparent and fair. Only with public visibility and participation will Texans be able to trust that they have a fair shot at representation. Please ensure HB 3112 is scheduled for a committee hearing.

House Redistricting Committee

  • Chair: Todd Hunter, 512-463-0672,
  • Vice-Chair: Toni Rose, 512-463-0664,
  • Member: Rafael Anchia, 512-463-0746,
  • Member: Craig Goldman, 512-463-0608,
  • Member: Ryan Guillen, 512-463-0416,
  • Member: Jacey Jetton, 512-463-0710,
  • Member: Brooks Landgraf, 512-463-0546,
  • Member: Ina Minjarez, 512-463-0634,
  • Member: Joe Moody, 512-463-0728,
  • Member: Geanie Morrison, 512-463-0456,
  • Member: Andrew Murr, 512-463-0536,
  • Member: Mike Schofield, 512-463-0528,
  • Member: Senfronia Thompson, 512-463-0720,
  • Member: Chris Turner, 512-463-0574,
  • Member: James White, 512-463-0490,


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