In order for our youngest learners to receive all the benefits of preK instruction, we must limit teacher/student ratios in classes. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) recommends that there be at least 1 teacher or teacher’s aid per 11 students in every prekindergarten classroom throughout Texas. This ratio helps ensure that children who have access to a preK education receive all the benefits of individualized instruction.

House Bill 41 would make this TEA recommendation into state law. By making this recommendation a policy, we guarantee that best practices around class sizes are followed in every district across the state.


Everyone in Texas should contact the members of the House Public Education Committee and ask that they vote in favor of House Bill 41.

You can say/write…

Hi, my name is ________ . I live in ___________ and my zip code is _____________. I’m calling to ask Representative ____________ to support House Bill 41 and ensure it is passed by the House Public Education Committee. We must support our youngest learners by requiring that all districts follow reasonable preK class size limits. This will improve the quality of education these children receive. Please vote YES on HB 41.

House Public Education Committee

  • Chair: Rep. Harold Dutton,, 512-463-0510
  • Vice Chair: Rep. J. M. Lozano,, 512-463-0463
  • Member: Rep. Alma Allen,, 512-463-0744
  • Member: Rep: Steve Allison,, 512-463-0686
  • Member: Rep: Keith Bell,, 512-463-0458
  • Member: Rep: Diego Bernal,, 512-463-0532
  • Member: Rep: Brad Buckely,, 512-463-0684
  • Member: Rep: Mary Gonzalez,, 512-463-0613
  • Member: Rep: Dan Huberty,, 512-463-0520
  • Member: Rep: Ken King,, 512-463-0736
  • Member: Rep: Thresa Meza,, 512-463-0641
  • Member: Rep: James Talarico,, 512-463-0670
  • Member: Rep: Gary VanDeaver,, 512-463-0692