The Texas Legislature needs to scale up goals for energy efficiency. These two bills (Senate Bill 243 and its companion House Bill 4556) would raise energy efficiency standards, invest in energy efficiency programs, and help weatherize homes and businesses. This would reduce the ever-growing demand on the electrical grid in Texas.

Texas broke ground in 1999 when the first energy efficiency standard program was implemented in Texas under George W. Bush, but we have fallen behind other states that have enacted similar programs.

Millions of Texans are struggling financially and need help. From improved insulation, to better air conditioners, and even incentives for on-site solar and energy storage, an increase of even 1% in our energy efficiency programs would save money and reduce air pollution and water waste at a fraction of the cost of trying to develop new supplies. It would help Texans reduce energy bills as we recover from the pandemic and the winter storm. And it would lead to job growth!


Contact the members of the Senate Business & Commerce Committee and the House State Affairs Committee (contact info below) and ask them to vote YES on these bills.

You can say/write…

My name is ____________. I live in ___________ and my zip code is ______. I am calling to ask you to support {Senate Bill 243 or House Bill 4556}. This bill would raise current energy efficiency standards through investment in energy efficiency programs. We gave the utility companies a lot of money during Winter Storm Uri, it is time they help us out and provide energy efficiency programs to help us weatherize our homes and reduce demand on our energy grid. This bill would also bring more jobs to Texas. Please vote YES on {SB 243 or HB 4556}. Thank you.

Senate Business & Commerce Committee

  • Chair: Kelly Hancock, 512-463-0109,
  • Vice Chair: Robert Nichols, 512-463-0103,
  • Member: Donna Campbell, 512-463-0125,
  • Member: Brandon Creighton, 512-463-0104,
  • Member: Nathan Johnson, 512-463-0116,
  • Member: José Menéndez, 512-463-0126,
  • Member: Angela Paxton, 512-463-0108,
  • Member: Charles Schwertner, 512-463-0105,
  • Member: John Whitmire, 512-463-0115,

House State Affairs Committee

  • Chair: Chris Paddie, 512-463-0556,
  • Vice Chair: Ana Hernandez, 512-463-0614,
  • Member: Joe Deshotel, 512-463-0662,
  • Member: Sam Harless, 512-463-0496,
  • Member: Donna Howard, 512-463-0631,
  • Member: Todd Hunter, 512-463-0672,
  • Member: Phil King, 512-463-0738,
  • Member: Eddie Lucio III, 512-463-0606,
  • Member: Will Metcalf, 512-463-0726,
  • Member: Richard Raymond, 512-463-0558,
  • Member: Matt Shaheen, 512-463-0594,
  • Member: Shelby Slawson, 512-463-0628,
  • Member: John Smithee, 512-463-0702,