Five really bad bills are in the House Calendars Committee, which schedules when bills will be heard on the House floor. We want them to stay there and not come to floor for a vote.

  • HB 1515 would ban all abortions after a “heartbeat” is detectable. This would be at about 6 weeks, before someone would even know they are pregnant. It would also assess a fine of $10,000 to anyone “aiding and abetting” someone who is trying to get an abortion. That means helping them pay for their procedure, helping them with childcare or just driving them to the clinic. On top of that, anyone would be able to sue someone for this “aiding and abetting,” even if they have no involvement or responsibility in the situation. In our legal system, legal action requires “standing” or involvement in the situation. HB 1515 would remove that legal guardrail.
  • HB 3218 and HB 3760 would require Texas families to carry a pregnancy to term, regardless of viability or genetic abnormality. They would put the government squarely in the middle of one of the most heart-wrenching decisions that a family could ever find itself in.
  • HB 2313 would require that Texans considering abortion consult with a “pro-life” counselor before their procedure. This would mean putting your information in a state-run database, and giving pro-life groups information they need on you and your personal decisions. We can all imagine how secure that would be! And the HIPPA violations alone are terrifying. Surely the $13 million cost could be better spent elsewhere ensuring that Texans have a strong accessible safety net.
  • HB 2337 puts significant restrictions on medical abortions, limiting access to the pills and reducing the time you have to consider that option from 10 weeks (70 days) to 49 days. This would be a costly burden to Texans seeking abortions and would most certainly send some to underground providers who would not provide the medical support that should accompany these pills.


Call or email Calendars Committee Chair Dustin Burrows, and Speaker of the House Dade Phalen, and ask them to keep these anti-abortion bills off the House floor calendar so they cannot come to a vote.

  • Dade Phelan: 512-463-0706,
  • Dustin Burrows: 512-463-0542,


Anyone who wants to keep abortion safe and legal in Texas should call or email your representative in the Texas House and ask them to oppose these restrictive and unnecessary bills.

Find who represents you HERE. Then find the contact info for your state representative HERE.

You can say…

My name is {______}. I live in {________} and my zip code is {_______}. I am calling to ask Representative {_______} to vote NO on the anti-choice bills now in the House. These include HB 1515, which would ban an abortion before a pregnancy is even known; HBs 3218 and 3760, which would require all pregnancies to be carried to term regardless of viability; HB 2313, which would require “pro-life counseling” and tracking of personal information prior to an abortion; and HB 2337, which restricts access to medication abortions. In short, I believe access to abortion should be safe and legal in Texas and I am asking my representative to vote NO on any bill that restricts that access!