Period poverty is when menstruators cannot afford or access menstrual hygiene products such as pads and tampons. Currently, these products are taxed as if they are luxury items, when in fact they are necessary healthcare products. The “tampon tax” unfairly burdens Texans in period poverty and prevents them from taking care of other financial priorities.

House Bill 321, which has bipartisan support, would remove the luxury tax from certain feminine hygiene products in Texas.

Luxury tax exemptions on period products have been mandated in 20 states in the U.S.; however, Texas is not one of these states. Menstrual hygiene products occupy only 0.03% of the state’s budget, yet the tax puts a very real burden on many Texans’ income every month.

Especially in the time of the current COVID-19 pandemic, supporting the removal of the tampon tax through Howard’s HB 321 can provide some relief for constituents who are already suffering from the ongoing health crisis (many already having to go without health insurance).


You can make a comment online HERE. Fill in your contact information, then select “HB 321 by Howard.” See the email script below for an idea of what to write.


Every Texan should call or email House Ways and Means committee members to ask them to vote YES on HB 321.

You can say/write…

My name is _______. I live in ________ and my zip code is _________. I ask that Representative {name} votes YES on Representative Howard’s House Bill 321 on removing the “tampon tax.” This tax unfairly burdens those who must purchase period products, which are necessary healthcare items, not luxuries!

Additionally, forcing low-income menstruators to pay a tax on top of already expensive period products can be a very real barrier to purchasing these necessary products. This can restrict the movements and activities of menstruators for several days every month.

Luxury tax exemptions on period products have been mandated in 20 states in the U.S. Let’s add Texas to that list. Please vote YES on HB 321! Thank you.

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House Ways and Means Committee

  • Chair: Morgan Meyer,, 512-463-0367
  • Vice Chair: Shawn Thierry,, 512-463-0518
  • Member: Angie Chen Button,, 512-463-0486
  • Member: Sheryl Cole,, 512-463-0506
  • Member: Bobby Guerra,, 512-463-0578
  • Member: Trey Martinez Fischer,, 512-463-0616
  • Member: Jim Murphy,, 512-463-0514
  • Member: Candy Noble,, 512-463-0186
  • Member: Eddie Rodriguez,, 512-463-0674
  • Member: Scott Sanford,, 512-463-0356
  • Member: Hugh Shine,, 512-463-0630