Important: The hearing on these bills is Wednesday, April 7


A group of highly restrictive anti-abortion bills, including the 6-week fetal heartbeat bill, have already passed the Texas Senate and are scheduled to sail through a hearing in the House Public Health Committee beginning at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, April 7th. If these bills pass, abortion will essentially be banned in Texas effective September 2, 2021.

Unfortunately, the votes are there to pass these bills. But legislators need to hear OUR VOICES loud and clear telling them to vote NO on these horrible pieces of legislation. If these bills pass, Texans will die. Show up to keep abortion safe and legal in Texas!

Here’s a summary:

  • HB 1515: Heartbeat Bill. The bill would ban abortions at about 6 weeks or when a heartbeat is detected; before someone even knows they’re pregnant! It also allows any private individual to bring civil litigation against abortion providers, or anyone who “aids or abets” an abortion.
  • HB 1280: Trigger bill to ban abortions in Texas if Roe v Wade is overturned.
  • HB 2337: Regulation of medical abortions. It would force a person to show up at a clinic for their pills (a minimum of 3 trips). It would eliminate tele-health options and mail delivery of pills. It also bans medical abortions after 49 days (about 6 weeks), the current limit is about 10 weeks.
  • HB 2313: EMMA-–Every Mother Matters Act. Requires a person considering an abortion to have “counseling,” by “pro-life” groups who are not allowed to include abortion as an option. The abortion-seeker would have to contact the counselor who would then assign them a red-tagged number that would be flagged in a database managed by an undisclosed agency. This would endanger both the privacy and safety of anyone who wants to consider all options.
  • HB 3218 Prohibits “discriminatory” abortions, which include birth defects and genetic disorders such as Downs Syndrome.
  • HB 3760: “Pro-Life” Omnibus Bill. Includes the ban on “discriminatory” abortions, has a heartbeat provision, and creates a ban on all abortions with a trigger provision tied to SCOTUS.


Every resident of Texas who cares about individual rights should make their voices heard! The committee hearing is Wednesday, April 7. Here’s the meeting notice.

You can see a live video broadcast of this hearing HERE.

Contact Committee Members

Call the House Public Health Committee members to let them know you oppose this slate of horrible bills.

You can say…

My name is ___________ and I live in ___________. My zip code is __________. I’m calling to let Representative {_____} know that I oppose the anti-choice bills that are scheduled for a hearing in the House Public Health Committee this Wednesday, April 7th. These bills take freedoms away from Texans and would allow lawsuits against providers and individual people. If abortion is essentially outlawed, it will lead to many unnecessary deaths in this state. Specifically, I oppose House Bills 1280, 1515, 2313, 2337, 3218, and 3760.

House Public Health Committee

  • Chair: Stephanie Klick, 512-463-0599
  • Vice-Chair: Bobby Guerra, 512-463-0578
  • Member: Steve Allison, 512-463-0686
  • Member: Elizabeth “Liz” Campos, 512-463-0452
  • Member: Garnet Coleman, 512-463-0524
  • Member: Nicole Collier, 512-463-0716
  • Member: Jacey Jetton, 512-463-0710
  • Member: Tom Oliverson, 512-463-0661
  • Member: Four Price, 512-463-0470
  • Member: Reggie Smith, 512-463-0297
  • Member: Erin Zwiener, 512-463-0647

Submit a Public Comment

Provide written testimony HERE. This testimony is forever tied to the bill in written records so it’s very important. You can submit comments until the hearing is adjourned.

Fill in your contact info, then select and comment on each of these bills:

  • HB 1280 by Capriglione
  • HB 1515 by Slawson
  • HB 2313 by Leach
  • HB 2337 by Klick
  • HB 3218 by Schaefer
  • HB 3760 by Oliverson

Testify in Person

If you can be in Austin on Wednesday, April 7, please testify in person so your voice is heard. You can register HERE. No advanced sign-up is required, but testimony will only be heard until midnight. The meeting will be in JHR 140.