The public education accountability system grades students and schools based on standardized test scores–just one test on one day during a school year. Research has shown this is a flawed approach that not only doesn’t improve student learning but actually traumatizes many students. Teachers and schools are held accountable for factors beyond their control and evaluated in such a way that shames rather than supports them. Schools may be branded with an F grade when the real problem is they didn’t get enough funding to adequately educate their students!

Also, the standardized test functions cost the state millions each biennium–money that could be spent to educate disadvantaged students.

This system is long overdue for a review leading to intelligent changes so that students are elevated and not dehumanized. House Bill 1867 would create a commission to review and make recommendations to improve the accountability system. HB 1867 deserves a hearing in committee and a full vote in the House.


Every Texan, especially parents, students, and educators, should contact the House Public Education committee chair, the House Speaker’s office, and their representative.

You can say…

My name is ______. I live in ________ and my zip code is ______. I urge {representative/speaker} _______ to ensure House Bill 1867 by Rep Mary Gonzalez is scheduled for a hearing at the first available meeting of the House Public Education committee.

HB 1867 would create a commission to review and make recommendations that will improve the currently flawed accountability and assessment system. A complete overhaul of the years-old system that has traumatized student test takers, shamed teachers and schools, and wasted milliions of state dollars on invalid tests is long overdue.

Because legislators will be on the commission, the study’s recommendations will lead to legislation receiving bipartisan support, and transform a punitive accountability system into one that really benefits for all students and educators.

Please ensure HB 1867 gets a hearing, and passes in the House!


Find who represents you HERE. Then find the contact info for your state representative HERE.

  • House Speaker Dade Phelan, 512-463-1000

House Public Education Committee

  • Chair: Harold Dutton, 512-463-0510
    • Rep: Steve Allison, 512-463-0686
    • Rep: Keith Bell, 512-463-0458
    • Rep: Diego Bernal, 512-463-0532
    • Rep: Brad Buckely, 512-463-0684
    • Rep: Mary Gonzalez, 512-463-0613
    • Rep: Dan Huberty, 512-463-0520
    • Rep: Ken King, 512-463-0736
    • Rep: J. M. Lozano, 512-463-0463
    • Rep: Thresa Meza, 512-463-0641
    • Rep: James Talarico, 512-463-0670
    • Rep: Gary VanDeaver, 512-463-0692


House Bill 1867 by Rep, Mary Gonzalez (El Paso area) would create a Texas Commission on Assessment and Accountability. During the next two years, this commission would review the accountability system and make recommendations to significantly improve it. The Commission’s 19 members include legislators so that recommendations should result in bipartisan legislation rather than just ending up as another study.

These recommendations must:

  • include assessment options to inform instruction throughout the school year
  • include ways to reduce the cost and class time necessary for assessments
  • lead to a fair accountability system that will help all students, including special populations and challenged school districts and campuses

The resulting study will be produced in time for the next legislative session.