A minor wanting to get an abortion is already in a stressful situation. And if that minor does not have or cannot get parental consent, their only recourse in Texas is to get a judicial bypass. But House Bill 1171 would make the situation exponentially worse for that young person by requiring a court to provide a lawyer for the fetus to challenge the abortion request.

This is an unwarranted and unnecessary state intrusion into what is a very personal decision. Truly, fetuses don’t need lawyers!


If you believe minors should have the right to get an abortion and take responsibility for their own reproductive future, tell the Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee.

To make a comment, go HERE. Fill in your contact info, then click the down arrow next to “Bills and Topics.” Find the heading “Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence March 31, 2021 – 8:00 AM [E2.014],” then select “HB 1171 by Sanford.”

You could write something as simple as…

I oppose House Bill 1171. Young Texans have enough trauma going through a system that discounts and shames their autonomy and personhood. The additional requirement to have a lawyer appointed for a potential being introduces an unwarranted and unnecessary burden into an already confusing and stressful situation. Let this decision remain as private as possible. House Bill 1171 should not pass!


Jane’s Due Process
This group assists those going through the legal process of getting an abortion in Texas without parental consent. They provide guardians ad litem, counseling, transportation, and other assistance as required.