Quick Take: House hearing on Thursday, March 25. Call to express support for HB 88, the “George Floyd Act,” and HB 830 (stand-alone bill limiting authority to arrest for fine-only misdemeanors).


George Floyd’s death at the hands of police is a tragedy that continues a long pattern of police violence against Black people in this country. We need meaningful reforms that protect the public. House Bill 88, the Texas ”George Floyd Act,” is about protecting the safety of those who pose no immediate threat to the public and avoiding abuses in police use of force. Among other things, it bans chokeholds, requires officers to intervene or render aid if they see another officer using excessive force, and ends arrests for non-jailable, fine-only offences.

HB 830, a stand-alone bill, ends pretext arrests at traffic stops that officers use to search a car without consent.


There will be a House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee hearing on these bills on Thursday, March 25. Every Texan can contact the committee members (see phone numbers below) to register support for HB 88 and HB 830.

When you call, you can say:

My name is ________. I live in _________ and my zip code is _________. I am calling to ask Representative {name} to vote YES for HB 88, the Texas “George Floyd Act,” and the related stand-alone HB 830. These bills would improve public safety and avoid abuses in police use of force. Please listen carefully to the public testimony because many Texans share my support for these common sense reforms.

House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee

  • Chairman James White, 512-463-0490
  • Vice-Chair: Rep. Rhetta Andrews Bowers, 512-463-0464
  • Member: Rep. Vikki Goodwin, 512-463-0652
  • Member: Rep. Sam Harless, 512-463-0496
  • Member: Rep. Cole Hefner, 512-463-0271
  • Member: Rep. Eddie Morales, 512-463-0566
  • Member: Rep. Jared Patterson, 512-463-0694
  • Member: Rep. Matt Schaefer, 512-463-0584
  • Member: Rep. Tony Tinderholt, 512-463-0624

There will also be a rally in Austin on March 25. If you’ll be in Austin, you can also register to give in-person testimony at the hearing.