As of January 20, masks are required at the Capitol, but hearings are still planned to happen in person. During a pandemic. That means that Texas’ most vulnerable, whose lives can be most hurt or helped by legislation, will likely be left out of public testimony for fear of risking their health. It’s 2021, and Austin is one of the major tech hubs of the country. We can and should do better.


Houston Chronicle: Public comment will be in-person at Texas Legislature, despite COVID (Note: Requires subscription.)


Call your State Rep and State Senator and urge them to allow public, remote testimony during this legislative session. (Find your representative here.)

You can say…

“Hi, I’m a constituent of {Representative/Senator} {_____}. I’m calling to urge the {Representative/Senator} to push for virtual, public testimony from Texans during this legislative session to mitigate risks of COVID-19 which pose an undue burden on Texas’ most at-risk populations. Virtual hearings and testimony will reduce the risk and slow the spread in our state, without limiting access to citizen participation. I support a spirit of open and transparent government, and we need to ensure that can happen in 2021. {Tell any personal stories you have here.} Thank you. My zip code is _____.”