Texas Republican lawmakers have launched bills from birdshot- to 10-megaton-size bombs targeted at suppressing the vote. These bills would create extra work and stress for overburdened county election officials. Worse, they would subject violators to felony prosecution for infractions that now are misdemeanors.

Other legislators have introduced bills to increase access to ballots and make casting votes easier, especially for those not able to go to the polls. These bills would take advantage of secure technology to increase security and accuracy in ballot counts.

The Texas House Elections Committee will meet at 8 AM Thursday, March 18, to hear from the public on a dozen of these bills. It might seem like an impossible onslaught, but if we all just spend a few minutes now, on the phone or online, we can hopefully mitigate the damage. Perhaps we can even do some good!


Every Texan can contact the committee members (see numbers below).

If you call

You can say:

Hi, my name is ______________ and my zip code is __________. I’m calling to ask Representative {name} to vote in favor of House Bill 1382, which would require counties to provide online tracking for the entire process of requesting an application for a mail-in ballot until the completed ballot is accepted or rejected. This would reduce anxiety among voters and provide a more transparent, accurate, and secure elections process.

And I would like to ask Representative {name} to vote against House Bill 25. It would prohibit counties from distributing unsolicited vote by mail applications even to voters over 65, who automatically qualify.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate your service.

  • Chair: Brisco Cain, (512) 463-0733
  • Vice-Chair: Jessica González, (512) 463-0408
  • Member: Michelle Beckley, (512) 463-0478
  • Member: John Bucy III, (512) 463-0696
  • Member: Travis Clardy, (512) 463-0592
  • Member: Art Fierro, (512) 463-0596
  • Member: Jacey Jetton, (512) 463-0710
  • Member: Mike Schofield, (512) 463-0528
  • Member: Valoree Swanson, (512) 463-0572
  • Clerk: (512) 463-0772

If you want to submit a comment online

If you’d rather write than make a call, or you want to weigh in on more than just a couple of bills, you can make a comment here. You can write as little as “Support” or “Oppose,” or as much as 3,000 characters on as many bills as you want.

Written testimony may be submitted now through the hearing’s adjournment on Thursday, March 18.

See the Notice of Public Hearing, which includes information on testifying.

You will be able to watch a live video broadcast of this hearing (Thursday, March 18, starting at 8 AM) here.