Current state law favors charter schools over locally-controlled independent school districts.

Under current law, charter schools:

  1. Receive on average $1,150 per student more state funding, money that could be used to improve local public schools.
  2. Do not comply with spending and reporting requirements followed by independent school districts.
  3. Continue to expand without the oversight of any elected board and without public notice or consideration of impacts on local schools.
  4. Exclude some students served by public school districts.

A number of bills related to charter schools have been introduced this legislative session. Some of these would help create a more level playing field for local public schools facing encroachment by charter schools and limit their ability to expand charter campuses, which drain state funding from local public schools. Others, however, would give charter schools even more advantageous treatment than currently exists.


As the legislative session proceeds, specific bills will be the subject of calls to action. However, now, and for the next couple of weeks, is the time to contact your elected state representative and state senator to show support of your local public schools. Let them know that you are opposed to any legislation that gives charter schools advantages over local public schools; and that you support legislation that levels the playing field and limits expansion of charter schools.

You can say:

Hi, my name is _________ and my zip code is _____. I’m calling to ask [Rep/Sen] to rein in charter school expansion by opposing legislation that gives even more advantages to charter schools, which significantly drain state aid from our local schools; and support legislation that levels the playing field for local public schools and limits the harmful expansion of charter schools.


Check this out: Recommendations to the 87th Texas Legislature