Texas is in a healthcare crisis. Texas is currently one of the worst states for healthcare because of the lack of accountability of our state leaders. Nearly one in five Texans is uninsured, and no adult or adult parent in Texas is eligible for Medicaid because our legislators refuse to expand it.

Especially in this time of COVID-19, where Medicaid is a necessity and is demanded by over 69% of Texans, state government leaders need to step up and support the over one million Texans who are uninsured.

Texans have been mourning the deaths of loved ones as a result of #DeadlyDeregulation because our state leaders are prioritizing businesses over Texans’ lives. Legislators can help correct this by expanding Medicaid in Texas so that healthcare for adult Texans is covered.

Medicaid expansion is the smart choice financially as well. An open letter to elected officials and leaders by the Episcopal Health Foundation showed that expanding Medicaid would have a positive net impact of about $75 to $125 million on the Texas budget. Not only that, but Texas can save over $704 million by expanding Medicaid to one million uninsured Texans. In the state’s current budget crisis, Texas needs these funds! Medicaid expansion is the smart choice.

Legislators must understand that in the middle of a healthcare and budget crisis, Texas can save money and make its citizens’ lives better through Medicaid expansion.


Write and call your representatives in the Texas House and Senate. Urge them to expand Medicaid by emphasizing the effects of expansion on Texan’s lives and the Texas budget. You can provide personal statements that show the importance of Medicaid in your community, or emphasize the facts of Medicaid expansion.

Find who represents you here. Then find the contact info for your:

  • state representative here
  • state senator here:

When you call, or write, you can say:

Hi, my name is _______ and I am a constituent of [Rep/Senator] . My zip code is _____. I’m calling to ask if Rep supports and will vote for Medicaid Expansion in Texas.

[If yes] I’m glad to hear that! Please let [Rep/Senator] _____ know that I support Medicaid expansion also. Thank you!

[If no] Texas would actually save money if we expanded Medicaid. In a budget and healthcare crisis, Texans are suffering. Since 2014, thousands of uninsured Texans have died. Last year, over 1.6 million Texans lost a job, and with it, their health insurance. COVID-19 has shown us the true cost of our high uninsured rate—a cost that Texans have paid, sometimes with their lives. Expanding Medicaid is a win win. Our state needs the infusion of funds that Medicaid expansion can provide.

[If you have one, insert a personal story here.]

Please ensure my comments are forwarded to [Rep/Senator] __. Thank you.