Masks go a long way in slowing the spread of COVID-19, and they are incredibly easy to wear. Removing the mask mandate is a reckless action that panders to the far extreme of his political party. We need elected leaders who do what is right for people, not what is right for their reelection hopes.


Keep calling Governor Greg Abbott (512-463-2000), your State Rep, and State Senator to push for common sense public health measures.

Find out who to call at My Reps or Who Represents Me?

When you call the governor’s office, let the switchboard operator know that you want to speak with a staffer about the mask mandate. You can say:

“Hi, I’m calling today to urge the Governor to reverse his decision on rescinding the mask mandate, effective March 10. We are already seeing reckless behavior in our communities based on his announcement, including “mask off” parties at bars and in homes. The Governor’s actions and policies matter. Lives and livelihoods are in his hands. I urge him to reinstate the mask mandate, so we can keep Texas businesses open safely, and for the long haul. Taking off our masks now will surely lead to new infection rate spikes, potentially grinding our economy to a halt. We cannot afford to stop wearing masks. [Tell your story about how COVID has impacted your family, your job, or local businesses near you.] I have also been disgusted by the Governor’s attempt to blame the spread of COVID on immigrants. Not only is that blatantly false, but he is stoking racism in a time when hate crimes are already on the rise. Blood will be on his hands if he keeps up that rhetoric. My zip code is _____.”

After you call your elected officials, call your local schools, stores, and restaurants, and urge them to maintain a mask-only policy. Our lives depend on it!