We’ve asked so little of our state reps when it comes to organized constituent engagement. A disaster of this magnitude calls for engagement that goes beyond taking an occasional phone call. These state reps were elected to look out for us, and we deserve answers and accountability for the human suffering caused by Texas officials.


Texans! Call your state senator and representative and demand a town hall in your district to address the failures of the Texas state government, as well as to share future plans to protect us from these predictable, repeated failures.

Find your representatives here or here.

You can say:

“Hi, I’m a constituent of {Senator/Representative} {name}. My zip code is _____. When is the next town hall {Senator/Representative} {name} is planning in our district to address the failures of the Texas state government during last week’s winter storm crisis?”


Texans are currently faced with multiple and overlapping crises. A global pandemic has caused unemployment and homelessness.

Communities of color continue to suffer from racial injustice. And the “big freeze” of February 14-18, 2021 made it clear that our crumbling public services and infrastructure are especially vulnerable to extreme weather events fueled by the worsening climate crisis.

It is no coincidence that some leaders in Texas are attacking the Green New Deal, which so far exists only on paper, and have tried to falsely blame wind turbines for the results of their failed policies of “small government” and “free market” radicalism. Their unwavering support for fossil fuels will only exacerbate the climate crisis and lead to more disasters in the future.

It is time that Texas and our state leaders take climate change seriously. We need to prepare and mitigate its effects that are already happening here in Texas and affecting Texans. Public infrastructure needs to be winterized, for example, to prevent a future collapse. We need to transition away from oil and gas which failed us last week in order to prevent the climate crisis from worsening and Texas from falling behind economically.

It is time for the Texas Legislature to step up for Texans.