Speaker Phelan called for a joint committee hearing this Thursday, 2/25 at 9 am with the State Affairs and Energy Resources Committees. Your input is vital to helping the committees understand the widespread impact of the power outages.

Right now, the hearing is only allowing invited testimony. If you have expertise in the energy sector, you can contact the committees and request to be invited.

We can also push the committees to open up the hearings to public testimony. You have a few ways to provide comments before the hearing begins. We encourage you to use them all!


Write: Provide a public comment to the Texas House here. And to the Texas Senate here.

Call the State Affairs (512-463-0814) and Energy Resources (512-463-0774) committees and your State Representative and Senator to share your freeze experience, provide written testimony, and push for public testimony at their hearing on Thursday.

When calling committees to push for public testimony:
“Hi, I’m a resident of Texas and I’m calling today to request the committee open its hearing to public testimony. The people of Texas were impacted severely by the power outage event last week, and our legislators need to hear from us so they can reach a better solution for our state. [tell your story here] Thank you for your time. My zip code is _____.”

When calling your State Representative or Senator:
“Hi, I’m a constituent and am calling today to help you understand my experience last week so you can better inform your work in the coming weeks and months. [tell your story here] So much of last week’s blackout was avoidable. Please push for common sense measures to be put in place so Texans never again have to go through what we went through. Thank you for putting your constituents first. My zip code is _____.”