Schools must remain adequately funded, especially in response to last week’s freeze. This call to action is an update of a previous action to extend the “hold harmless” period past February to keep schools funded regardless of drops in attendance due to COVID. Now that the freeze made in-person attendance impossible last week and for weeks to come at some school buildings that have damage, serious funding problems will happen if “hold harmless” is not extended.


Call Governor Abbott (512-463-2000), TEA Commissioner Morath (512-463-8985), the Senate Finance Committee (512-463-0370) and House Appropriation III Subcommittee members. Also call your State Rep and Senator. Say:

“”Hi, I’m a {constituent/concerned” resident of Texas. I’m calling today regarding school funding. Along with many advocacy groups, I urge you to ensure that school districts’ funding is not cut due to lower student attendance caused by the COVID pandemic or by the widespread power outages of February 2021. As soon as possible, the TEA should extend the enrollment-based “hold harmless” through this school year so schools aren’t penalized for events outside of their control. School districts need continued state aid to provide our students with an adequate education, especially those facing challenges brought about by the pandemic and freeze-related problems. Thank you. My zip code is _____.”