Governor Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton have removed Planned Parenthood from the approved providers’ list for Medicaid reimbursement. The reimbursements are for non-abortion related services such as STI testing and treatment, “well-woman” exams, and breast cancer screenings.

Medicaid is the federal-state health insurance program for the poor. Texas already has a shortage of Medicaid providers because of low reimbursement rates and can’t afford to lose Planned Parenthood as a provider. The organization sees about 8,000 low-income clients in the state each year.

The cut-off was set to go into effect on February 3rd. On that date, a state district judge temporarily stopped Texas from kicking out Planned Parenthood. A hearing is set for March 10th.

Texas Tribune: Texas temporarily blocked from kicking Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid


Everyone in Texas who supports comprehensive reproductive healthcare for all Texans should contact Attorney General Ken Paxton and Governor Greg Abbott.

Attorney General Ken Paxton
P.O. Box 12548, Austin 78711

Governor Greg Abbott
P.O. Box 12428, Austin 78711


If you’re pro-choice:

I support Planned Parenthood. Please drop the legal proceedings to get them thrown out of Medicaid. Texans need access for to the non-abortion Medicaid services provided by Planned Parenthood.

If you’re pro-life:

Medicaid does not fund abortions at Planned Parenthood. The Medicaid reimbursements are for reproductive healthcare such as STI testing and treatment, and well-woman exams. Texans need access to healthcare, and Planned Parenthood is accessible and supplements an already stretched-thin Medicaid provider system. I’m asking you to allow Planned Parenthood to stay on the Medicaid provider list.