Normally, state aid to school districts is tied to student attendance. Because of the pandemic, the Texas Education Agency maintained funding based on last year’s student attendance–but only for the fall semester of 2020. We need to push to keep our schools funded, especially as they’re struggling to address challenges like inadequate access to online education, remote learning, and teacher overtime. Teachers, parents, and our students cannot afford to wait on adequate funding from the state, or their ability to teach and learn in the time of COVID will be hindered even more.



Hi, I’m a constituent of {Governor Abbot / Commissioner Morath}. Along with many advocacy groups, I urge you to ensure that school districts’ funding is not cut due to lower student attendance caused by the COVID pandemic. The TEA should make it a priority to extend the attendance-based “hold harmless” through this school year. School districts rely on this level state aid to provide students an adequate education, especially those facing online access and other COVID-related problems.

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We Texans need to do the right thing for our children and the future of our state. Thank you. My zip code is _____.