The Texas State Attorney General participated in the events in DC on Wednesday, January 6. And he tweeted about it. It’s unlikely that he stormed the capitol, but we do know that he sewed distrust in our democratic systems and encouraged others to refuse to uphold the election results.

On top of that, he has been indicted on securities fraud charges and has avoided his day in court for over 5 years. More recently, the FBI opened an investigation on him on allegations of bribery and abuse of power.

Ken Paxton is a crook and every day he stays in office emboldens him to abuse his power more. It’s time for Ken to go. Our two options: Ken resigns, or the Legislature impeaches him. Let’s push for both.


Indivisible Houston’s link to Paxton’s Tweets

Texas Tribune: Analysis: Impeachment is a political option in Washington. In Texas, not so much.


Call AG Ken Paxton at 512-463-2100, Governor Abbott, Lt Gov Patrick, and your State Rep and Senator to call for Ken Paxton’s Resignation.

“Hi, I live in the great state of Texas and have been shocked and disgusted at the actions and rhetoric coming out of our Attorney General. His flagrant disregard for the sanctity of our electoral process is damaging the very democracy that makes this country incredible. His abuse of power and illegal activity even before this past election make him unfit to hold office or represent the fine people of our state. I encourage [him to resign or you to impeach him]. Our government cannot tolerate those who misuse the power entrusted to them by the people. Thank you. My zip code is _____.”