Surely you’ve seen the lawsuit that Ken Paxton, acting on behalf of the state of Texas, issued to several states that went for Joe Biden in the general election. Not only did the case have no legal standing and was summarily dismissed by the Supreme Court, it used ridiculous language, like saying the odds of four states in the suit voting for Biden was 1 in quadrillion. You can’t make that stuff up. What a waste of Texas resources!


Texas Tribune: SCOTUS Throws Out Texas Lawsuit


Call Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office (512-463-2100) and urge him to work for the people of Texas and stop wasting our tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits. You can say:

“Hi, I’m a constituent of Attorney General Paxton, and I’m calling to urge him to stop wasting Texans’ tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits like the one he issued to several other states in our nation. Not only do his suits tear at the very fabric of our nation, they waste our tax dollars in a year where there is already a budget shortfall. That money should be used to help Texans who need it most, not to throw political darts over the fence. I expect my elected officials to work for their constituents. Period. My zip code is _____. Thank you.”