Right now, it takes 19 of 31 Senators to call a bill to the floor for a vote. In November 2020, the State Senate Republicans lost their super majority, only holding 18 seats. So, to maintain total power, Dan Patrick would like to change the rules to only require a simple majority, 16 votes, to call a bill to the floor.


Texas Tribune: Dan Patrick Seeks to Change Senate Rules


Call Dan Patrick (512-463-0001) and your State Senator and push them to keep the current Senate 3/5 rule.

“Hi, I’m a constituent of Senator/Lt Governor _______. I’m calling today to urge them to vote no on any changes to the number of senators needed to bring a bill to the floor. The threshold has already been reduced from two-thirds to three-fifths. Dropping it down to a simple majority will push our state to a more partisan and divided government. I want a state government that works for all Texans, not just some and I trust that y’all agree. My zip code is _____. Thank you.”