COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Texas, and with the Legislative session starting just over a month from now, our state government hasn’t nailed down a plan to accommodate testimony from constituents. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick would prefer to have people continue to provide testimony in person, with a COVID test 24 hours ahead of time. We’ve figured out how to do just about everything virtually this year. Let’s tell our government that we can and should be able to provide virtual testimony.


Texas Tribune: Dan Patrick Says Covid Test Likely Required Ahead of Testimony


Call members of the Texas State House Rules Committee and ask them to vote to allow remote testimony during the 2021 Legislative Session.

  • Brooks Landgraf, 512-463-0456
  • Todd Hunter, 512-463-0672
  • Ana Hernandez, 512-463-0614
  • Joe Moody, 512-463-0728

Say: “Hi, I’m a constituent in Texas, and I’m calling to urge the House Rules Committee to provide for virtual input from Texans during the 2021 session to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 and avoid an undue burden of additional testing and travel for Texans. Virtual hearings and testimony will reduce the risk and slow the spread in our state, without limiting access to participation, which is a bedrock of our democracy. I support a spirit of open and transparent government, and we need to ensure that can happen in 2021. My zip code is _____.”

OR simply:

“Texans want the opportunity to provide input at the lege. Please allow for virtual hearings.”