On Thursday (10/1/2020) , Governor Abbott issued an order allowing counties no more than one drop-off ballot location. This means that Harris County, a county with a population larger than the entire state of Rhode Island, can only have 1 location for elderly or disabled voters to drop their filled-in, mail-in ballot. This act is plain and simple voter suppression by the Governor. Call his office and urge him to reverse his order. Drop-off locations can and will be made secure, even if there is more than 1 per county.


Call Governor Abbott at 512-463-2000.

“Hi, I’m a constituent of Governor Abbott. I’m calling today to urge him to reverse his order that limits the number of drop-off ballots in each county. While I appreciate his concerns about securing our voting process, surely there are measures that counties have taken to protect their ballot drop-off locations that address his concerns. I urge the Governor to do more to help Texans vote and vote safely this year, in the middle of a pandemic. Otherwise, his actions appear to border on voter suppression. If he wants to earn my vote in 2022, he needs to reverse his order. My zip code is _____. Thank you.”

You can also send an online message to Governor Abbott through Indivisible Austin at this link.