While the USPS is a federal organization, its work impacts people in all corners of Texas. If any structural changes are to take place in the postal service, they need to happen in a planned and organized way, AVOIDING the run up to a major election. Several state’s Attorneys General are preparing to file suit against the Trump administration’s recent cost cutting changes to the USPS, citing concern of negatively impacting mail-in voting. Thousands of Texans from every walk of life and political party could be impacted if there is fear, uncertainty, or inconsistencies in mail-in voting delivery. Call our AG to push the Federal government to preserve USPS, and keep calling the Governor to continue to increase voting access across the state.


Democrats, local election leaders fear Donald Trump’s attacks on mail-in voting foreshadow voter suppression


Call Attorney General Ken Paxton (512-463-2100) and Governor Greg Abbott (512-463-2000) and urge them to take legal action against the recent USPS. changes. Here’s what you can say:

“Hi, I’m a constituent of _____, and I’m calling today to ask what actions he’s taking to ensure there won’t be a US Postal Service slow down that impacts mail-in ballot delivery. [If you have a personal story of mail-in voting, tell it here!]

“Will the AG be taking legal action to help maintain confidence in our mail-in voting system? I know that many older voters in our state rely on mailing in their vote to give them any access at all. Please encourage the Governor to do more to expand access to voting in our state, so Texans can know that their vote counts. My zip code is _____.”