COVID cases are still going up in our state. After Attorney General Ken Paxton released an opinion saying that local authorities don’t have the power to preemptively close schools, the Texas Education Agency reversed previous guidance by saying that it won’t fund schools if they don’t open in-person, on time. These actions put our teachers, our students, and their families at risk for contracting COVID-19. If we want to flatten the curve, we need to have local authorities evaluating risk in their communities.


Texas schools are being compelled to reopen classrooms on the state’s timetable, like it or not


Jolt Town Hall: Reopening Schools in a Pandemic
Tuesday, August 4, 6:00-7:30 PM


Call Paxton’s office at 512-463-2100. You can say:

“Hi, I’m a constituent of Mr. Paxton’s, and I’m calling today in regard to his opinion regarding school reopenings. COVID cases and transmissions are still on the rise in many parts of the state, and some areas are seeing hospital systems that cannot keep up. While I believe that education is of critical importance, we should be protecting the health and safety of our students and teachers first. It’s hard to learn if you or your parents are dead or in the hospital. My zip code is _____.”